Comfortable bus Scania VEST, 26 seats, 20 positions, (the seats are mutually spaced by four, there are tables between the seats. A recreation area has been built in the back of the bus, where up to 10 people can sit at a time.The recreation area large table and large Samsunk 4K ekran .

Sliding Door Refrigerator, fryser, air conditioner, heating, toilet, Bigg luggage storage.220w. 4G WIFI internet, Karaoke,Disco Light,Smoke machine, Karaoke Shure.
Digital wifi soundcraft mixer *(simple to use) KARAOKE SHURE wireless 2xmicrophone 2X SAMSUNG 4KTV SMOKE machine with varied taste DISCO light 120MEURO light programebel LED,disco laser, IBIZA Ligt, ADJ Mini Dekker LZR,Gelly disco
Ball, strobe light. Front sign panel (any text can be put) in the central part of the bus, there is a karaoke bar and a bar. The bar counter contains glasses and champagne flutes. In the bus, you can buy bottled water, soft drinks, snacks, sweets.

Refrigerator with sliding door, freezer, air conditioning, heating, toilet, large trunk. 220W. 4G WIFI internet, karaoke, disco ball, smoke machine. Digital WIFI soundcrat mixer (easy to use). KARAOKE SHURE wireless microphone (2x), SAMSUNG 4K TV, smoke machine with different settings, disco lights 120meuro light programebel LED, disco laser, IBIZA light, ADJ ADJ Mini Dekker lzr, Gelly disco ball, strobe light. Panel for text at the front of the bus (text as desired). In the central part of the bus there is a karaoke bar and a drink bar. There are drinking glasses and champagne glasses on the bar counter.

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